We try to keep our pricing simple. Our base price is $24 a pound*, incoming weight. This will include, as necessary, tumbling, washing, picking, fiber separation, and carding. We can card to open cloud, batt, or roving – roving can be loose bagged or wound bumps. We can also produce custom wet-felt or needle felt projects at an additional cost. 
*NOTE: extra processing steps will incur additional charges - such as extra washes due to heavy lanolin, or extra passes through the separator due to excess VM.

We are a specialty carding mill. We do not make machine spun yarn. We do not have the equipment to make core-spun, or "rug" yarn.

~ Please print and fill out one Work Order for each bag / fleece
~ Please print and fill out one Customer Form  (No need to fill out all your contact info for each fleece!)
~ A deposit of 50% of processing cost is due upon receipt of your order. We will check your order in and contact you with the amount

Whether you are shipping or bringing your fleeces in person, please print and fill out the forms above to save time and confusion at check-in. If you ship your order, once we receive it and check it in, we will contact you to confirm how you want it processed. We like to have a personal contact with each of our customers!

* $30 minimum charge for small fleeces.
* Suri Alpaca is $28 a pound.
* Angora Rabbit is $24 to card only.
While Angora rabbit is usually clean enough to go straight to the carder, it requires more attention, and must be run at a slower rate, so there is no discount for skipping the other steps.
* Extra charges will apply if multiple washes, or fiber separator passes are required.

Skirting, if needed is $40 an hour. However, we strongly encourage you to skirt your own fleeces before sending them to us. Read more on our Skirting page.
If your fleece has too much VM to process, we will reject it and charge a $25 disposal fee

Blending: We can custom blend your projects, using fiber you provide, or fiber that you purchase from us. We can run complementary colors and fibers side by side through the carder for a striped roving, or work to achieve a more homogenous blend. Pricing will vary depending on many factors such as, are we blending with open cloud or combed top, are we working with a design in mind or just a tweedy blend, the nature of the particular fibers, the number of different fibers in a blend, and others. We are a boutique mill, and will price your blending projects independently. Base price for a blend is $5 a pound, combined weight at the carder.

Felting service is custom priced. Contact us and we will discuss your project!